4 Unexpected Benefits Of Practicing Holistic Health

Posted by Rick Bailly Friday, July 27, 2018 10:44:00 AM Categories: Home

Holistic health focuses on the whole person. It considers their mind, body, soul, and feelings. There are many benefits to embracing this type of natural healing particularly if you prefer herbal remedies and non-invasive treatments.

Here are four unexpected benefits that will come when you start practicing holistic health:

Feeling less stress and worry over medications

Rather than rely on pharmaceuticals, which rise and fall in price regularly and are taken off the market due to health concerns, men and women who practice holistic health take a natural approach by relying on nature as their medicine cabinet. Using a variety of herbs and spices, they're able to treat anything from a common cold to feelings of depression and anxiety with greater ease. It is also much more difficult to overdose on these remedies, and you’re likely to experience fewer side effects.

Being able to live normally without compensating for side effects

Some medications, particularly opioids, can make it dangerous to accomplish daily functions like driving to run errands. They can also be addictive, putting you in danger and potentially putting your loved ones in danger if they have access to those medications. Using herbs, spices, and lifestyle adjustments as your medicine has no effect on your ability to live normally, maintaining and even improving the lifestyle that you’re accustomed to. Strong opioid used for intense pain can lead to addiction very quickly, which can be devastating to you or loved ones.

Being able to apply multiple healing modalities

Rather than rely on one method to heal, holistic health encourages utilizing several treatment options at once. For example, as a way of treating anxiety, one practitioner may suggest taking St. John's Wort, journaling daily, practicing deep breathing, and meditating. The combination of the treatment practices does far more good than prescribing an antidepressant and having the patient come back in for an adjustment of the medication.

Knowing how to maintain a well-balanced lifestyle

When one area of medicine is emphasized, it prevents the other areas from healing. With holistic health, a person isn't seen as an individual with the disease. Instead, they are seen as a person with dis-ease. Finding ways to improve their physical, mental, spiritual, and financial health is key. Once you learn which things work well for you, you'll be able to keep your life in better balance. You'll experience fewer symptoms of dis-ease which dramatically improve your life.

Pain relief comes faster

Not only are there natural ways to treat pain, there are also better ways to respond to it. When men, women, and children have the right outlet for sharing their pain or have something productive to do rather than focus on how much they hurt, something magical happens. They stop feeling the brunt of the pain. They're able to carry on with their lives as normally as possible. They have a toolbox of tools and techniques they can use to calm their pain when it starts to flare up.

Enjoy your role as a holistic health practitioner. Know that the work that you're doing helps you heal. Rather than treat the symptoms that you're feeling, you look at the big picture, determine what is wrong, and work on making things right again.


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