Some Links to our Friends on the Community

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These links are to websites or services that are run by third-party service providers. In order to provide our users with additional services and resources, and the MoonPool coven have integrated external "third partyā€¯ services. Services from third party providers are here for the convenience of users only. The content (including information in the form of text or graphics) of any third party service is solely the responsibility of the provider of that service. We cannot attest to the accuracy of information provided by third party providers. Any business, financial or other transactions or agreements you enter into with a vendor, merchant or other party utilized are solely between you and that vendor, merchant or other party.

Although we makes a concerted effort to ensure that the information provided by third party providers is reliable and accurate, we are not responsible for any such content (or the accuracy thereof) that may be accessed. When accessing any third party content within, or through, our application(s), we encourage you to review the privacy policy and security offered by that provider before submitting any personal information. The MoonPool coven does not guarantee or assume liability for any third party product or service obtained through our application.

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